“Listening to @allieLtweets here in Bentonville- check her out! http://Allielauren.com”
-JEWEL (@jeweljk)

“I love “Because I Am” it is a song for the ages. Classic and wonderful.”
-JEREMY HOWELL (@living_unmasked)

“You’re dope”
-ELITE Producer | J. Cole, Dreamville (@Elite)

“That moment, when everyone in the place is silent, because the musician is so wonderful, that just happened”

“Sometimes I interview people and I just think, wow! @allieLtweets is one of those people”
-TIANA-SHARLOTTE PARRY UK’s Interfusion Magazine (‏@TianaS_Parry)

“Holy crap this girl has an incredible voice. Chillingly good. Check out Allie Lauren!”
-O FIDELIS (@OFidelis)

“She’s also currently covering “Come as you are” on piano and its fantastic! Damn”
-CHASE KERBY (@ChaseKerby)